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Below is a quick video series (10 minutes) that explains how a cooling tower works

and the massive amount of water that can be conserved by making
a simple and cost effective change to traditional water treatment.



Why Does Your Cooling Tower Waste So Much Water?


The purpose of a cooling tower is to evaporate water. Only pure water evaporates, which leaves the minerals from the evaporated water behind in the cooling tower water.  If the level of minerals in the system water increases higher than the water’s saturation point, they will fall out of solution and form hard mineral deposits in the system called scale.

The main purpose of a cooling tower water treatment program is to prevent scale formation by increasing the water’s saturation point. Standard water treatment increases the saturation point by an average of 3 times. This means that the level of minerals in the system can increase to 3X the level of minerals in the incoming water before it reaches the saturation point.

To maintain a 3X level of mineral concentration in a cooling tower system, one gallon of water must be dumped and replenished for every two gallons that evaporate, which represents a 33% waste.

Image_004On a standard water treatment program, even a small cooling tower system will waste over 1 million gallons of water annually to keep the cooling tower’s system water below this saturation point.

Why Can’t Wastewater Be Reduced Using Standard Water Treatment?

The amount of water that must be wasted is directly related to the strength of the scale inhibitor.

If less than 33% of the cooling tower’s water is wasted, the mineral levels would increase past the saturation point of the water and form hard mineral scale. Preventing scale formation is the #1 priority of all water treatment program.



The Terlyn Cooling Tower Water Conservation Program Allows Water To Hold 50x Hardness In Solution-With No Scale Formation


In 1996, Terlyn Industries developed the world’s most powerful cooling tower scale inhibitor that increases the saturation
point of a cooling tower system’s water by over 50X!

At this level, only one gallon of water must be flushed and replenished forconservation-circle
every forty-nine gallons that are evaporated. This represents only a 2% wastewater

On the Terlyn Conservation Program, cooling tower water mineral concentration can be increased to this level and still:

• Not Change Viscosity of Water

• Improve System Integrity

• Remove Existing Scale Deposits

• Prevent Biological Growth

• Maintain Excellent Corrosion Rates





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