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President and Founder – Douglas Rodante

Mr. Rodante is the President and Founder of Green Flight International and is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of company operations. As an accomplished Entrepreneur, Doug has founded various start-ups ranging from Aviation to Real Estate Investment.

He has contributed to successful product development for HSN Direct, Johnson and Johnson and The Home Shopping Network as well as provided broadcast support for clients such as The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NBC, BBC and FOX. Under his leadership, he has successfully established a strong industry presence for Green Flight International and secured key strategic partners with the technical and financial capabilities of accelerating the commercialization of advanced cutting-edge “green” technologies.

The Bio-Jet Project Initiated the first experimental Bio-fuels turbine test program in cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration. After a successful ground test program and F.A.A. approval, Green Flight went on to set two aviation world records by flying the first jet aircraft on renewable fuel followed by the first United States Transcontinental bio-jet flight which covered 2,486 miles.

Prior to the inception of Green Flight International, there was skepticism and doubt that an aircraft could safely fly on traditional renewable fuel due to numerous concerns, such as material compatibility, energy content and cold flow temperatures. By compiling a highly skilled team of industry professionals all FAA technical concerns were addressed and resolved. Positive media attention promoted not only the potential of renewable fuels in mainstream transportation systems, but also a proven frame of reference solidifying the fact that our energy problems can be solved from a variety of environmentally friendly resources, even French Fry Oil.

Mr. Rodante is a commercially rated pilot, contributor to The Aviators code of Conduct, financial institute advisor, Host of the Orlando Challenge Air (a charitable organization giving airplane rides to terminally ill and disabled children), key team member and contributor to Air Mobile (airlifting relief aid) to disaster victims world-wide to include Indonesian tsunami victims-Northern Sumatra, Haitian flood victims, Pakistani earthquake victims and hurricane Katrina relief aid. Mr. Rodante also contributes his aircraft and company facilities, to assist corporate and private charities in their emergency relief efforts.

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