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about-jetGreen Flight International, LLC was formed for the purpose of developing, manufacturing and promoting advanced renewable forms of energy. The primary focus has been developing and commercializing energy saving technologies and marketing the economic and environmental benefits of “Green Fuels” derived from renewable resources. GFI was founded in 2006 by Douglas Rodante.

Corporate History

Green Flight International is one of the world’s leading promoters of biofuels. GFI has literally pioneered the use of renewable fuels in aviation. The development of a GFI test program and certification by the Federal Aviation Administration for the use of 100% Green Fuel in a jet engine, led to the World’s first jet flight using renewable fuel. Mr. Rodante and his Green Flight Team conducted additional tests resulting in the first United States Transcontinental jet flight powered entirely by green fuel.

Our main objective was to create a point of reference for reliable and sustainable renewable fuels. At the time of our biofuel flights, a common perception was that renewable fuels could not be used in aviation, mainly due to the cold flow properties. We felt that demonstrating “Green Fuels” in an aircraft would not only create credibility for its reliability, but initiate a push for renewables in aviation, as well as ground transportation.

Numerous challenges were overcome during the process, as there was no technical or political point of reference to rely on. We were responsible for establishing the airframe and engine operational viability, performance limitations and operational differences from manufacturers published data for approved fuel types vs. biofuel. The Federal Aviation Administration had no prior history of a flight approval of this type, which put a greater emphasis on public safety concerns.

Several biofuel demonstration flights followed Green Flight, such as Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand. The project is now being replicated with numerous airlines using small percentages of biofuel in multi-engine aircraft. Airlines are now included in Europe’s carbon market which promote the use of renewable fuels and ultimately save millions of tons of pollution from being released into our Earth’s atmosphere.

Besides the obvious environmental benefits of the increased use of renewable fuels, independence from foreign oil imports benefit national and international energy security. Green flight is continuing its R&D efforts while representing and marketing innovative energy saving products.

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